Positive Anti Nuclear Antibody test confirms Jaw problem

During the year 2000 a dentist came across an MS patient..........
"Still hoping for a miracle, I continued to buy health magazines. My luck was about to change when an advertisement caught my eye. Terms such as ‘cranial symmetry’ struck a cord with me. I phoned and spoke to the practitioner and described my symptoms. He said that he had read a lot about MS but he had never seen an MS patient and was keen to see if his hypothesis would work for this condition. He would be in a position to say if his criteria would be helpful after he had examined me.

In short, I took the plunge and flew from Belfast to London. In spite of niggling doubts, I was hopeful. I desperately wanted this to work. My fears that this was another wild goose chase were overwhelming. Nothing could have been further from the truth."
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Positive Anti Nuclear Antibody test confirms Jaw problem

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- Not MS or Lupus or any other Auto immune disease

"I am a 55yr old female, who apart from childhood/ early adult asthma and sports related wear and tear of the knee, elbow, shoulder and neck, (mild cervical spondylosis), had enjoyed 54 yrs of robust good health.

In December 2014 1 became ill, the symptoms were as follows:-
1) Severe, life altering dizziness;
2) Severe parasthesias tingling in arms and legs;
3) Exhaustion;
4) Tinnitus;
5) Unexplained, unwanted weight loss from 9 st to under 8 st, for my height, underweight.

My excellent GP whom I had rarely visited, ran many tests over several weeks
It was found that I had a positive ANA blood count that gradually rose from 1:80 to 1:320
(zero would be normal), indicative of an Auto Immune Disease.

This combined with my other symptoms meant that I was suspected of having either Multiple Sclerosis or Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus (SLE).
Extensive tests/scans and investigations ensued with consultants in the following fields:-
1) Neurology;
2) Rheumatology;
3) ENT;
4) Cardiology;
5) Orthopaedic.

Whilst waiting for the results of these tests, all of which eventually proved inconclusive, I found Dr Amir's website and arranged an appointment in Feb 2015.

Dr Amir is an exceptional man; kind, articulate, highly intelligent and an excellent Cranio Dental Surgeon, who has successfully treated many conditions when mainstream medicine has failed.

I have always known that my frame and jaw are not symmetrical, but, somewhat to my surprise, Dr Amir explained this could be causing all of my symptoms.I have always known that my frame and jaw are not symmetrical, but, somewhat to my surprise, Dr Amir explained this could be causing all of my symptoms.

The following day he fitted two discreet braces to redress this imbalance, which I continue to wear. He also recommended specific exercises, some dietary changes and supplementation.

Now, 4 months later, my symptoms are hugely reduced and my health is returning to normal.
The life compromising dizziness is now intermittent and not severe. Sleep is no longer interrupted by the tingling which is barely perceptible.

My GP was delighted and surprised by all of this and in particular, that the ANA blood test has now reversed and returned to normal meaning it is back to Zero. He wanted to know if I'd been doing anything different to bring about this extraordinary change other than the physiotherapy that had been recommended to me to alleviate the cervical spondylosis.

As yet, I haven't told him of my regular consultations and treatment with Dr Amir, but will do so when all symptoms are completely resolved and my treatment is finished.

I am truly indebted to Dr Amir for his unswerving confidence and ability to bring about this dramatic turnaround in my health. I will never be able to thank him enough."

Patient name withheld at her request.
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