Atlas asymmetry

"The award winning author of 'Correction of the Atlas-Fundamental discovery or hoax', Francis George-Perrin says: "It is difficult to stomach that a fundamental element of human beings' equilibrium has gone unnoticed for centuries in the auditoriums of academic teachings."
However, during my research I discovered that DD Palmer, the inventor of Chiropractic, discovered this anomaly towards the end of the 19th century amongst 97% of his subjects and in fact, Chiropractic was started to correct just this one imbalance. Atlas correction has continued in some practices using a technique called Atlas Orthogonal. The tragedy is that this knowledge was confined to alternative practitioners. Mainstream medicine, always at odds with the alternative, has perhaps ignored this observation, or has not realized the impact on health of this irregularity and stormed on with medicaments that are mainly for palliative care. These only make the underlying problem more chronic. Steroid injections for shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, are the order of the day while the underlying problem continues to worsen. This leads on to surgical interventions and a relentless attack on the coffers of health service funding."
Please read this article to acquaint yourself of this concept: ... phenomenon
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