Multiple Sclerosis

The conventional explanation:
"MS is a progressive inflammation disease affecting the central nervous system in which the myelin sheaths covering the axons of the brain are damaged and the transmission of nerve signals is blocked, which leads to eventual paralysis and vision loss. Until recently MS was widely considered an autoimmune system disease with possible viral causes, which has hereditary predisposition factors. However, the core cause of the disease has remained undetermined, which has lead to serious difficulties in preventing, treating, and managing the disease."

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  • No unread posts General discussion about MS
    Here you may post topics that are not covered by the sub headings.
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  • MS drug trial 'a fiasco' – and NHS paid for it
    "Report shows that the drugs failed to delay the onset of disability in patients – defined as walking with a stick or using a wheelchair – and may even have hastened it."
    Read more: ... 91104.html
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    Sun, 26 Jan 2014, 8:07 pm
  • No unread posts Is Temporo Mandibular Joint Dysfunction & Skeletal Asymmetry causing ME/CFS and MS?
    During the year 2000 a dentist came across an MS patient..........
    "Still hoping for a miracle, I continued to buy health magazines. My luck was about to change when an advertisement caught my eye. Terms such as ‘cranial symmetry’ struck a cord with me. I phoned and spoke to the practitioner and described my symptoms. He said that he had read a lot about MS but he had never seen an MS patient and was keen to see if his hypothesis would work for this condition. He would be in a position to say if his criteria would be helpful after he had examined me.

    In short, I took the plunge and flew from Belfast to London. In spite of niggling doubts, I was hopeful. I desperately wanted this to work. My fears that this was another wild goose chase were overwhelming. Nothing could have been further from the truth."
    Please read the rest here: ... -sclerosis
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  • No unread posts To avoid a diagnosis of MS seek out a Symmetry evaluation
    It is imperative that a symmetry evaluation is obtained as soon as any of the many symptoms on these pages develop. Please read about the experience of one patient:
    "I knew that there was something definitely wrong with my body but there was no one at that stage, who agreed with me. I felt as though I was alone in front of a wall of figures endowed with expertise and authority who were all saying that I was wrong. From my perspective, the central fact, the central reality in all of this, was that no one trusted me; my family and friends tended to trust others--the voices of medical authority and knowledge."
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  • No unread posts The diagnosis of MS
    Often, the merry go round which precedes a diagnosis into MS, patients are relieved when they finally get diagnosed into a disease or a syndrome no matter how dire the outlook.
    One patients' relief:"The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis was for me a watershed--one of those events that radically transforms experience both past and future. It illuminated what had gone before and changed the terms of what was to follow. As an event, the diagnosis itself had limited meaning; it did not change my physical reality. Its importance lay in its power to transform the past, present, and future. The power of a name to alter reality is enormous"
    Every case sounds like a long drawn out haggling at a souk market before the final price is agreed; before a final frightening diagnosis is revealed to the patient. Please share your story here.
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  • No unread posts Optic Neuritis & Uveitis
    Patients who are eventually diagnosed into 'MS' initially have very many symptoms ranging from headaches at a young age to IBS/IBD neck pain. fatigue etc. They may have even been classed into CFS initially but later go onto develop eye symptoms. When this occurs the physicians order an MRI scan during which plaques may be found in the brain. This finally leads to a diagnosis of 'Multiple Sclerosis'.
    If this is how you were first diagnosed it will be interesting to hear some of your stories.
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    Thu, 13 Jun 2013, 9:38 pm
  • No unread posts L'hermitte's sign
    Lhermitte's sign conventional explanation:
    "sometimes called the Barber Chair phenomenon, is an electrical sensation that runs down the back and into the limbs. In many patients, it is elicited by bending the head forward. It can also be evoked when a practitioner pounds on the posterior cervical spine while the neck is flexed; this is caused by involvement of the posterior columns. The sign suggests a lesion of the dorsal columns of the cervical cord or of the caudal medulla."
    Please read the post to find a possible cure.
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    Mon, 07 Dec 2015, 9:26 am
  • No unread posts Bladder control
    This appears to be a major problem with MSers especialy female patients.
    Please let us know what helps you and what makes it worse.

    Please read the posts to see how some patients have regained complete control with TMJ treatment. This contradicts with the conventional belief that the loss of bladder control is caused by the demyelination of the neurological pathways.
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  • No unread posts Spasticity in 'MS' patients
    Spasticity is a feature of altered skeletal muscle performance in muscle tone involving hypertonia; it is also referred to as an unusual "tightness", stiffness, and/or "pull" of muscles.
    Clinically spasticity is defined as velocity dependent resistance to stretch, where a lack of inhibition results in excessive contraction of the muscles.
    The clinical underpinnings of spasticity in multiple sclerosis could be from poor oxygenation. THIS HOWEVER IS A HYPOTHESIS AND AWAITS VERIFICATION.
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    Fri, 11 Jan 2013, 9:48 pm
  • No unread posts CCSVI
    CCSVI - (Chronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insufficiency) is a term used to describe compromised flow of blood in the veins draining the central nervous system.

    During 2008 – 2009, the renowned Italian Doctor Paolo Zamboni published a theory purporting that MS is caused by chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI).
    Subforums: Dr Gilhooly, Essential Health Clinic - Glasgow, Dr. Michael Arata, Newport Beach, CA, Dr Marian Simka, EuroMedic Poland Ltd. Katowice, Poland, CCSVI-BG Clinic in Varna, Bulgaria., Dr Sclafani, New York., Latest Research, Dr Michael Dake - Stanford, Other issues surrounding CCSVI
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  • No unread posts Auto-immune disease
    The pharmaceutical explanation of Multiple sclerosis (MS) is:
    "MS is an inflammatory disease in which myelin sheaths around the axons of the brain and spinal cord are damaged thus affecting the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other effectively.
    Truth or a gross misrepresentaion? Please read the postings.
    The fact of the matter is:
    There are three big problems for the constituency that believe to their very core in the scientific method:
    A. You don't know what causes MS
    B. You haven't found any methods for rolling it back
    C. You haven't found a cure.
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  • No unread posts Inclined Bed Therapy
    The incredible dedication of Andrew Fletcher brought us this concept. On his website he quotes:
    "This subject is certainly worth a read to understand how simply tilting a bed has transformed the lives of many people with serious and supposedly irreversible medical conditions.
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  • No unread posts Stem Cell Therapy
    Please read a journal of one person's experience with Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation for multiple sclerosis. It is rather a touching story well worth reading. I hope we can inspire some other recipients of stem cell therapy to contribute also.
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  • No unread posts Treatment progress with other therapies
    Many people with MS use complementary and alternative medicine. Depending on the treatments, the evidence is weak or absent. Examples are a dietary regimen (avoidance of Gluten), heavy supplementation with Vitamin D3, herbal medicine (including the use of medical cannabis), hyperbaric oxygenation and self-infection with hookworm (known generally as helminthic therapy). The helminic therapy of infection with Trichuris suis ova is under investigation as of 2012. Epidemiological and experimental evidence, as per a report in Wikipedia, suggests parasitic infection may protect against MS. (We however, have serious reservations about this!)
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  • Postings from another Forum
    These are some extracts which we think are better represented here
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  • No unread posts The human and financial cost of MS
    Could someone do some research and start a topic on this subject.
    The costs are Drugs, hospital costs, physician costs, the cost of lost health and future, the cost of financing the upkeep of families where the bread winner has MS and is unable to work. There could be an individualised cost and there could be a cost to a whole country.
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  • No unread posts Famous people diagnosed with "Multiple Sclerosis"
    Suffering does not discriminate against age, ethnicity, social class, gender, sexual preference, lifestyle, or religious affiliations.

    "We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another."
    Luciano de Crescenzo
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