Steroids for Back pain!

Back pain is pain felt in the back that usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine.

Steroids for Back pain!

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U.S. health officials made their first confirmation of the presence of a deadly fungus in one of three lots of steroids tied to a national meningitis outbreak as the death toll rose to 20 on Thursday. The injections were being used for neck and lower back pain. ... DM20121019

As you will see from numerous testimonials that neck pain and back pain can only be treated adequately by Symmetry treatment.

Mr Jones presented with very severe backache, which was preventing him from being able to work without significant discomfort. He was unable to get into or out of his car without a huge painful effort. He could only minimally lean forward. Examination showed the presence of Atlas asymmetry and a deviation of his lower jaw towards one side. Atlas treatment took away 50% of the symptoms on the first day. He was fitted with a dental appliance the next day which very quickly corrected the jaw deviation, and his symptoms disappeared within three days. He also reported a significant improvement to his eyesight and cancelled his appointment with the optician for a new pair of glasses.

"Many thanks for fixing my back last week. Agony to bliss in three days isn't bad! I'm always amazed that such apparently abstract treatment has such an effect on wellbeing. Suffice to say I remain in your debt and will continue to champion your methods amongst my more sceptical associates until they too see the light!"
Mr R Jones November 2008

I had a treatment called 'Atlasbalance™' by Mr. Amir. From assessment to treatment in one hour! No clicking or anything, just a strong vibration. I was skeptical, but was due to have steroid injections in my vertebra on Wednesday at a private Hospital which I've cancelled. The pain on sitting down has gone. Unbelievable. I believe he is on to something that is going to impact hugely the care of backache. I always knew he was clever, but now I think he's is a genius..

Elaine Miller, Middlesex, UK, 16/11/2009 20:51 Evening Standard
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