The Differential Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

Often, the merry go round which precedes a diagnosis into MS, patients are relieved when they finally get diagnosed into a disease or a syndrome no matter how dire the outlook.
One patients' relief:"The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis was for me a watershed--one of those events that radically transforms experience both past and future. It illuminated what had gone before and changed the terms of what was to follow. As an event, the diagnosis itself had limited meaning; it did not change my physical reality. Its importance lay in its power to transform the past, present, and future. The power of a name to alter reality is enormous"
Every case sounds like a long drawn out haggling at a souk market before the final price is agreed; before a final frightening diagnosis is revealed to the patient. Please share your story here.

The Differential Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

Postby Jencor69 » Thu, 04 Apr 2013, 3:07 pm

The most common reason for falsely attributing a patient’s symptoms to multiple sclerosis is faulty interpretation of the magnetic resonance imaging

How many Neurologists really know how to interpret MRI pictures? How many people with MS diagnoses were first checked for things on the 'Red Flags for the Misdiagnosis of MS' list such as Lupus, Cerebrovascular disease or Lyme disease for instance? Were you checked for B12 deficiency?

This article lists 100 conditions that can be confused for MS! ... euro_2.pdf
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