The impact of correcting the Atlas

"The award winning author of 'Correction of the Atlas-Fundamental discovery or hoax', Francis George-Perrin says: "It is difficult to stomach that a fundamental element of human beings' equilibrium has gone unnoticed for centuries in the auditoriums of academic teachings."
However, during my research I discovered that DD Palmer, the inventor of Chiropractic, discovered this anomaly towards the end of the 19th century amongst 97% of his subjects and in fact, Chiropractic was started to correct just this one imbalance. Atlas correction has continued in some practices using a technique called Atlas Orthogonal. The tragedy is that this knowledge was confined to alternative practitioners. Mainstream medicine, always at odds with the alternative, has perhaps ignored this observation, or has not realized the impact on health of this irregularity and stormed on with medicaments that are mainly for palliative care. These only make the underlying problem more chronic. Steroid injections for shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, are the order of the day while the underlying problem continues to worsen. This leads on to surgical interventions and a relentless attack on the coffers of health service funding."
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The impact of correcting the Atlas

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Arm pain:
As you know I have had my Atlas adjustment a couple of weeks ago and ever since I felt quite a few positive changes. Firstly, my neck and shoulders do not feel stiff anymore. I suffered from tension in this area for the past 7-8 years due to long hours of practising piano everyday. Further more due to the latter reason, I have been experiencing arm pain starting from the wrist. Other doctors have diagnosed me with beginning of tendonitis, however after the treatment the pain has totally disappeared and I feel that my playing is much freer and tension-free.

My constant headaches have also disappeared and I'm sleeping much better at night and waking up refreshed and with a clear head. Finally I also had a knee pain which I started feeling 4 months ago which is also gone!

I would like to take the opportunity to show my appreciation and deeply thank you for having suggested this Atlas treatment for me. It has really had a tremendous positive effect and I not only feel much better physically, but I also feel my piano playing has been improving drastically since! Many thanks!

Marcelle Zahra, July 2008

Mr Jones presented with very severe backache, which was preventing him from being able to work without significant discomfort. He was unable to get into or out of his car without a huge painful effort. He could only minimally lean forward. Examination showed the presence of Atlas asymmetry and a deviation of his lower jaw towards one side. Atlas treatment took away 50% of the symptoms on the first day. He was fitted with a dental appliance the next day which very quickly corrected the jaw deviation, and his symptoms disappeared within three days. He also reported a significant improvement to his eyesight and cancelled his appointment with the optician for a new pair of glasses.

"Many thanks for fixing my back last week. Agony to bliss in three days isn't bad! I'm always amazed that such apparently abstract treatment has such an effect on wellbeing. Suffice to say I remain in your debt and will continue to champion your methods amongst my more sceptical associates until they too see the light!"
Mr R Jones November 2008

I had a treatment called 'Atlasbalance™' by Mr. Amir. From assessment to treatment in one hour! No clicking or anything, just a strong vibration. I was skeptical, but was due to have steroid injections in my vertebra on Wednesday at a private Hospital which I've cancelled. The pain on sitting down has gone. Unbelievable. I believe he is on to something that is going to impact hugely the care of backache. I always knew he was clever, but now I think he's is a genius..

Elaine Miller, Middlesex, UK, 16/11/2009 20:51 Evening Standard

The subject of the correction of the Atlas and TMJ treatment to bring about a resolution of patients' symptoms flies in the face of conventional medicine where such illnesses are treated with expensive, dangerous and dubious drugs. I see examples of these everyday

Atlas correction is a physical treatment and heals patients previously subjected to the dangerous potions. The illnesses are physical in nature - NOT ORGANIC and require no drugs. In fact most drugs would eventually prove to be lethal because of the side effects.

Clicking Jaw:

Thank you very much for all the work you did. I have a lot more energy, my jaw isn't clicking or feeling as uncomfortable as it used to, and I'm not getting shin splint. It's fantastic and I'm feeling so much better - I'm more alive! I'm still getting a little back ache, but not major. I think this is only because of standing up for long periods of time.
Vienna, February 2010

"When I was first told about this I was a little sceptical that it would be of any benefit to me. After all I did not suffer from any back pain or any of the typical symptoms it seemed to be instantly curing in other patients. [Having had the Atlas corrected] I was a little tired on the first evening as my body integrated the work, but that night I had a very deep sleep. The next day I felt nothing short of amazing - I definitely had more energy and was really proactive at work, and I know this is directly linked to my lungs suddenly being able to take in more oxygen when I breathe, but the biggest shift for me has been my digestion!!! For 36 years now my digestion and the foods I can and cannot eat have been a continual problem for me. I am often underweight and can't eat many food types without getting a foggy head and strong lethargy. I have paid a lot of money and spent a lot of time with various nutritionists. For the past two days I have been eating rich heavy foods that I would not normally eat and felt absolutely fine. Even at a work lunch today my colleagues commented on how much food I was eating. Normally I have a safe salad and a little bread as I get filled up easily. I was able to eat a proper three-course meal pretty much for the first time in my life. I cannot thank you enough for this treatment. I am bringing my whole family along to have this done as I know it will help each of them; my dad's digestion problems, mum's asthma, my sister's inability to conceive and my brother's sinus problems. This work is nothing short of amazing...thank you for taking the time and effort to train in it and bringing it to us. I Feel Great!!!" Miss P Churchill

Eye symptoms:
Sorry I have been up a mountain and had no email.

I have been very happy with the results of the Atlas adjustment. I feel so much freer in my upper neck and head. I have felt stuck there for some 30 years and knew something was wrong, but no osteopath ever offered me that adjustment it feels wonderful!

I have had no headache or eye symptoms (burning/migraine light patterns) since the treatment and will continue to observe as it is still early days, but am feeling very positive about it.

I have more movement and that “something is not quite right” feeling I could never describe has gone. The tight muscles deep under my Atlas have released and the puffy congested feeling gone. It feels as if the solid thing that was not moving is free again. I can’t tell you how terrible it has been to have that 24 hours a day.

I believe that my Atlas has been out since I was 5 when I fell on my head twice and my tinnitus began.

Many many thanks. I am so glad grace smiled on me the day I walked into your clinic.. Regards, Michele P. July 2008

Facial appearance:
Thank you so much for treating me. The Atlas treatment is brilliant. I sleep much deeper and my face looks different. An improved different. I always felt as if there was something not quite right with my neck and I'm sure that has done the trick. It as an uncomfortable sensation having the treatment but a needed pressure and the results are well worth a short time of being uncomfortable whilst the treatment is being done. As this is a very new treatment in the UK I feel privileged to have been able to find you. Thank you. Linda Maria Whitaker, June 2008

"I have suffered with Thoracic Kyphosis and neck/shoulder problems for the last 15 years or more. This has been a major problem, not least of all because I have been a professional athlete and sports coach for much of that time. In that time, I have consulted with and practised just about every form of postural re-alignment and spinal procedure imaginable. None of it has fixed my postural issues. Yesterday I was treated by Dr Amir with his Atlas treatment and I have - for the first time that I can remember- had a normal posture, free of any neck pain and stress, free of any tiring forward head bend and free of any lower back pain. The treatment took 20 minutes or less, was painless and is quite simply the most miraculous treatment I have ever received. Even my posture when riding my bike and writing this at my computer has transformed and is pain free. I will be sending all of my training clients and athletes to receive the atlas treatment without hesitation." Mr M Weeks, July 2008

Improved posture:
Here is some feedback regarding our son's treatment. Andrius wakes up more rested and has more energy during the day. His posture has improved greatly and it seems that it allows him to breathe more deeply.
Also it looks like his lower jaw tends to stay more forward naturally. He is not as straight upwards as he was just after treatment, but so far his posture is good and feeling the benefits of the treatment. Andrius from time to time checks the posture himself without us reminding him to keep straight. The impression is that whatever needs to flow in his body (energy, blood) it can flow more freely now.
Birute Mazeikiene, July 2008

Walking taller:
As I explained when I saw you, I noticed a big difference immediately after my appointment. As I walked back to the station I felt taller and as if I was standing up and walking straight for the first time ever. The change was so pronounced I could feel muscles working in my lower back that I had not been aware before, and it almost felt as if I was leaning backwards.

By the next day it felt like my back had adjusted and it was as if I had always been straight. My posture feels much better when standing and walking (although I still seem to slouch sitting down). Before the appointment the bones in my upper spine and neck used to click frequently and quite loudly. This has reduced although not completely disappeared.
Rachel, July 2008

Walking differently:

It is amazing! I'm constantly looking around behind me because I can't believe how well my neck is working! I can feel that I am standing and walking differently, and I have no difficulty keeping good posture, it feels so natural! I wish you had done it 30 years ago for me, in fact my body feels like you have taken 30 years off it! I feel like it should be checked for everyone in the world! Renata, September 2008

Hip Pains
Thank you for making me feel 20 years younger! My sister, Jenny O’Keeffe, whom you are working miracles with in terms of her MS, gave me a birthday present of a consultation with yourself to see if I could benefit from rebalancing my atlas/axis. I am a keen squash player, but in the last 7 years have had considerable hip and knee pain, necessitating 5 operations and many, many visits to a physiotherapist to try to work out why I was experiencing pain and how to mitigate it. I really enjoy playing all racquet sports and do not want to give them up, but at times it was just too painful to carry on; not only on a squash court, but just walking normally was difficult. What I didn’t realise was that most, if not all of it was down to my spine and shoulder girdle and pelvis not being aligned correctly.
Now that I have been rebalanced, I actually feel amazingly different – no knee or hip pain and I feel completely balanced. It has put a big, big smile on my face and I am recommending you to some of my friends, who have not been able to resolve neck or back problems. In the last week I have completed a charity walk of 13 miles, cycled to my parents and back (35 miles) and played in a squash tournament with no pain whatsoever!
I can see that your vision is a result of being able to see the whole person and deal with the root cause of what’s wrong, instead of applying ‘pills and potions’ to deal with symptoms. I wish that the rest of the medical profession would take a leaf out of your book. It works!

Kind regards, Sue Wright May 2011

Serious hip distortion causing severe pain:

I was born with one leg supposedly shorter than the other. I did not notice any problem with this until I was in my teens. My skirts were always lopsided and my trousers had to be shortened by 1 inch on the right leg. I also began to experience pain in my right hip, and so began many years of seeing doctors and physios — none of whom seemed to know what was wrong.

One afternoon whilst working in my office in the City the pain became intense and I was taken to the Royal London Hospital where a Consultant decided that this was obviously appendicitis. I had my appendix removed and was sent home. The pain returned and I was given an IVP [Intravenous Pyelogram] at my local hospital. The result was negative! Still the pain was there. Many years later after seeing a succession of physios I was becoming more and more lopsided as I walked.

One evening I was in an armchair at home and had so much difficulty in getting up that I decided this was enough. As luck would have it, my son was seeing Dr. Amir for another problem and I made an appointment to see him in the hope that he could do something for me. He was my saviour — 2 years later, after straightening my teeth and sorting my Atlas vertebra, I was free of pain for the first time in years. My posture was erect and I no longer have to adjust my trouser length.

I am most grateful to Dr. Amir and would recommend anybody who is in pain, and cannot get satisfactory treatment elsewhere, to contact Dr. Amir for an appointment.
Valerie Page 29th August 2011

Amazing change - deafness & Raynaud's Syndrome:
I had the Atlasbalance™ treatment some weeks ago. Prior to that I had been involved in an accident and my neck was injured. The consequence of that was that my breathing had become very shallow and labored. My hands and feet were extremely cold. My ppearance was very sallow. I tried all kinds of treatments. I was hospitalised on a few occasions with repeat pneumonia and chest infections. I was losing weight and had a very poor appetite.
I was referred for the correction of the Atlas. After some thought and having heard from a few other patients I went ahead with it. After the correction I was amazed at the outcome. I was sitting in the waiting area when I suddenly realised that I could hear from my right ear which I had never been able to do for as long as I can remember. I next found tingling sensations in my hands and feet and they start warming up. They have stayed warm 5 weeks on and I can see my clubbed nails flattening out with new growth. My breathing has improved amazingly. Over the following 4 weeks my chest has cleared up. My appetite has returned. The hearing on both ears has balanced out. My posture has straightened out completely.
It is the most remarkable treatment in just one short visit.

Patrick McQuade, London 26 Feb 2009
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