Argument vs. idea that ME a 'mental illness'

"I have been wearing a brace now for 1 week to realign my jaws. In that short time, I have experienced a huge shift. My energy level is better than ever before. I now realise how ill I was. I always wondered where the others around me - my siblings & friends - got their energy from. I was literally dragging myself around but because it had always been that way, I didn't know that life could be any different. I feel like a different person - I am on better form, more positive, I feel more able to cope."

Argument vs. idea that ME a 'mental illness'

Postby Tess26 » Thu, 01 Nov 2012, 6:19 pm

I am not normally a Daily Mail reader.. & when I came across this article on line I realised why: ... l#comments
The article 'investigates' the idea that ME is a psychiatric disorder, and not caused by a virus as previously suggested. A lot of people, including medical professionals, are dubious of the idea that ME is a disease because as yet it is fairly inexplicable. There is no instant cure and can take various forms, but usually involves tiredness, depression, a lack of energy, low immunity etc etc.
The journalist, Michael Hanlon, is curious as to why 'ME fanatics' get so angry when medical practitioners suggest that ME could be a psychiatric disorder. I would suggest that ME sufferers have to combat daily frustration as a result of their physical condition - they can't go about their day in the way other, normal healthy people can. The anger expressed at disbelievers is totally understandable. ME is nothing but a physical experience so to bang on about how ME sufferers need to get their heads checked will only ever provoke fury.
I am not an ME sufferer BUT I did have ME-like symptoms - and I have experienced an extraordinary shift in my own energy on account of cranial dentistry. Dr Amir has a great track record successfully treating severe chronic fatigue and ME cases. I am a mild example of someone benefitting from his re-alignment work. From my own experience, I would encourage ME sufferers to go and have their jaws checked to see if something is out of place.

Since I've been sitting in his surgery, I have met MS patients who feel they have found a cure for their illness, and ME sufferers who are feeling better and stronger on account of a curious, adventurous dentist who has been studying the link between badly aligned teeth/extractions/out of place Atlas Vertebra & imbalance in the jaw. His findings are ground breaking, positive & totally counter to the typical, cynical attitudes of people like Michael Hanlon & co who don't even believe there is a physical problem to treat.
It might just be that ME is not some mysterious, 'mental' problem - but something that has a physical cause and needs physical means of putting it right.
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