Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - ARTICLE

"I have been wearing a brace now for 1 week to realign my jaws. In that short time, I have experienced a huge shift. My energy level is better than ever before. I now realise how ill I was. I always wondered where the others around me - my siblings & friends - got their energy from. I was literally dragging myself around but because it had always been that way, I didn't know that life could be any different. I feel like a different person - I am on better form, more positive, I feel more able to cope."

Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - ARTICLE

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Please read the following article on the successful treatment of a patient suffering from chronic fatigue:
Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Uzma Qureshi
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Uzma Qureshi BSc (Hons) MSc is based in University College London and is involved in translational academic research, her keen interest being Histopathology and Tumour Biology. Her work primarily involves investigating mechanisms of action involved in novel anti-vascular targeting agents and anti-cancer drug therapies.

The author describes a devastating illness, which began with recurrent ear infections, vertigo, and pain in her jaw. She began to have eye problems, then severe pains running from r... ... ndrome-cfs
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