Symmetry Intervention to cure CFS

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Symmetry Intervention to cure CFS

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I would like to share my own experience, as another of Dr Amir's patients.

I am 22 years old and have suffered from what I would describe as 'vague and underlying symptoms' for the past 8 years or so. These have included dizziness, fatigue, a constant sore throat, headaches, stomach cramps and terrible period pain, as well as having one leg slightly shorter than the other which created balance and gait problems. These symptoms would come and go, to a greater or lesser extent.

Over the years conventional doctors have never really been able to help. Any solutions seemed to be short-term 'plugs' to ease the discomfort rather than the root cause. Earlier this year I had a bout of a sore throat and flu-like symptoms which were more serious than usual; I felt completely drained for 9 solid weeks and felt too tired to do anything at all. I was living in France at the time and was prescribed multiple courses of antibiotics. These appeared to just make the problem worse. I also started to develop a painful, aching jaw.

Eventually I came home and on the recommendation of my wonderful mum (who had read Bella Freud's Evening Standard article a few years ago) went to see Dr Amir.

That first session with Dr Amir changed the course of my life. He found that I have a dental/jaw/atlas bone misalignment which has stopped me breathing properly and caused many of my organs to function inadequately. His consultation easily explained all my symptoms. The leg diagnosis was also completely wrong; and when my jaw is in the right position (ie when I am wearing my brace) they are the same length. Hearing that not only was there one answer to all of my seemingly disparate symptoms, but also that it was treatable felt as if I had been given a whole new lifeline.

4 months into treatment I feel physically the strongest I have ever been, but most important I have the psychological certainty that:

i) Yes, there has been a 'real' problem all these years (I often left the doctor's surgery blaming myself for being a whimp when they had concluded that perhaps I was just feeling a bit run down or that it was just a long common cold and I should 'rest up' for a bit)

ii) And that it was just ONE problem, rather than hundreds of niggling symptoms which I'd thought may all develop into separate, more serious illnesses.

These are the graphs of my progress:
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