A concise reading list

These are some recommendations. We need to keep focussed so if you want to add some book please email or PM so we do not start patients running in circles.

A concise reading list

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Friend or Foe
Please read this report. A must for all MSers
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/66292082/Drugs% ... ociety.pdf

Side Effects: Death. Confessions of a Pharma-Insider

John Virapen
Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.


Comment after a deluge of allegedly misleading advertisements paid for in large part by pesticide and biotechnology corporations, California voters defeated Proposition 37, which would have given them the right–to-know whether the foods they buy at the grocery store contain genetically engineered ingredients (GMOs):

"My take is that it's Folta's job to exploit ignorance. Part of that is to ignore, and divert attention away from, the Precautionary Principle. Played out successfully, this strategy will ultimately result in inter-generational horrors, most notably cancer and infertility. This is exactly what happens consistently to 2nd and 3rd-generation lab animals when fed exclusively transgenic products over time. The only way to realize the consequences of human beings ingesting purposely mutated food OVER TIME and with any certainty is to feed a large group of people ONLY GM phude for decades against a control group eating ONLY 100% organically-produced food for the same period. Nothing of the kind has been reported AS A STUDY. If it has been done, it has not and will not be reported if the biotech industry has anything to do with it. They already squash (suppress), smear (discredit) and rant at the slightest expression of doubt over the safety of GMOs while they pretend to be a rational voice. This self-serving behavior is integral to their business (a “Cost of Doing Business”). The "study" is instead being done on the unknowing masses already suffering with epidemic digestive disorders and auto-immune diseases such as IBD and Crohns. Since GM food products (phude) are unlabeled, it is scientifically unacceptable to make and express the connection. That is the explanation for the intense disinformation blasts (propaganda) which took down Proposition 37 and the multi-millions being spent to bribe and deceive politicians into keeping it unlabeled. Bottom Line for the chemical and biotech industries: KEEP THE REVENUE STREAM COMING AND DESTROY ANYTHING THAT THREATENS IT. Eating in the dark makes Folta's job not just easier, but possible at all. No scientist with integrity ignores the Precautionary Principle like Folta does, especially one who takes it on themselves to broadcast encouragement to wide internet audiences to just go ahead and eat genetically altered grains, fruits and vegetables. The science necessary to safely and precisely alter food at the DNA level, in order to achieve environmentally sustainable, specific, beneficial-to-human traits AND NO OTHER INADVERTENT ONES, is a LONG way away from away from being clear enough to say “You can eat this with no concern”. In my opinion any other posture on this is pure sociopathic greed with a monstrous cost."
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