Could someone do some research and start a topic on this subject.
The costs are Drugs, hospital costs, physician costs, the cost of lost health and future, the cost of financing the upkeep of families where the bread winner has MS and is unable to work. There could be an individualised cost and there could be a cost to a whole country.


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The cost of the drug is £7045 per vial, this equates to £35,225 for the 5-day course in year 1 and £21,135 for the second and subsequent courses. About 65% of alemmtuzumab-treated MSers will need just 2 courses over 5-years, 25% 3 courses, 10% 4 courses and very few 5 courses. In addition to the cost of the drug there are all the costs associated with infusions, treatment of infusion reactions, monthly blood monitoring, annual MRI scans and the treatment of the autoimmune complications.

AND the benefit?

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