Atlas treatment to correct "Raynaud's Syndrome"

Atlas treatment to correct "Raynaud's Syndrome"

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Amazing change - deafness & Raynaud's Syndrome:
I had the Atlasbalance™ treatment some weeks ago. Prior to that I had been involved in an accident and my neck was injured. The consequence of that was that my breathing had become very shallow and labored. My hands and feet were extremely cold. My ppearance was very sallow. I tried all kinds of treatments. I was hospitalised on a few occasions with repeat pneumonia and chest infections. I was losing weight and had a very poor appetite.
I was referred for the correction of the Atlas. After some thought and having heard from a few other patients I went ahead with it. After the correction I was amazed at the outcome. I was sitting in the waiting area when I suddenly realised that I could hear from my right ear which I had never been able to do for as long as I can remember. I next found tingling sensations in my hands and feet and they start warming up. They have stayed warm 5 weeks on and I can see my clubbed nails flattening out with new growth. My breathing has improved amazingly. Over the following 4 weeks my chest has cleared up. My appetite has returned. The hearing on both ears has balanced out. My posture has straightened out completely.
It is the most remarkable treatment in just one short visit.

Patrick McQuade, London 26 Feb 2009
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