Prozac for a weak bladder

Prozac for a weak bladder

Postby TARA » Thu, 29 Nov 2012, 9:22 pm

I went to see my GP to find out what types of contraception were available to me. When I was there I mentioned I had a weak bladder and was there anything he could do to help me. He gave me a prescription which I thought was to help my weak bladder. I gave the prescription to the chemist and got the tablets.

Walking home I decided to read the information leaflet that came with the tablets. I discovered, to my horror and disgust, that my GP had prescribed me Duloxetine Gastro- Resistant which is an anti-depressant similar to prozac.

I returned the tablets to the chemist and bitterly complained at what I had been prescribed - Prozac for a weak bladder!

They were equally shocked and horrified.

I haven't been back to my GP.
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