We have one case report of severe stammering in a patient which was successfully treated


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I've stammered for as long as I can remember although I know from school reports that I was able to read aloud fluently at an early age. The numerous speech therapy approaches I undertook, hypnotherapists I saw and the many other avenues I explored provided me with interesting life experiences but, in regards to my speech, provide me, at best, with a veneer to disguise the stammer. It wasn't until I met Dr Amir, who insisted that he could get rid of my stammer, and began the treatment to align my jaw that I accessed the root cause of my stammering for the first time. As I began wearing a brace about 18 months ago I felt an immediate sensation of spaciousness in my mouth accompanied by an improvement in fluency of speech. Now I am able to appreciate that stammering and trying not to stammer are exhausting occupations. I was depleted from the effort without realising it. The energy and strength I have at my disposal today is tremendous and the ease with which I can engage in conversation and small talk has added a dimension to my life which is immensely pleasurable.
Warmest wishes, Keith
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